When you need to see the truth
What We Do
  1. Digital Forensics
    Digital Forensics
    When data needs to be uncovered and interpreted, the ESI Team stands ready with its rock-solid methodologies, tools and experience.
  2. Electronic Discovery
    Electronic Discovery
    Why go the general vendor route and pay a fortune in electronic discovery costs? We are creative, intelligent thinkers who save our clients an average of 27% over typical approaches.
About Us
With nearly 15 years of ESI engagements, the ESI Team has investigated Trojan horses (spyware), intellectual property theft, violation of non-competes, violation of organizational policies, electronic discovery malpractice, insurance fraud, and computer fraud.

We provide services to in-house counsel, defendant’s counsel, plaintiff’s counsel and Executive Officers.  

We've been appointed to serve as Officer of the Court to assist in complex electronic discovery matters.

We have provided Electronically Stored Information consulting services, including digital and mobile forensic investigations, to private and public sector entities.  Some of our  clients include Fortune 500 companies in the pharmaceutical, commercial machinery, insurance, automotive, medical, utility, and professional services sectors.  

We have also provided services to the financial, manufacturing, retail, communications, educational, engineering, medical device, automotive racing, and agricultural industries. 

Our engagements include all facets of ESI management from both plaintiff and defensive perspective that would include understanding the duty to preserve obligations,  defensibility of preservation decisions, complex ESI collection methodologies, overall project management (including planning, financial, deliverable, execution, timeline, and resource), technical know-how to address anomalies and challenges, excellent documentation leadership, investigative methodologies, ESI location strategies including defensible exclusion strategies, review-tool selection and efficiencies, as well as over a decade of experience drafting affidavits, expert reports, and testifying experience in ESI matters at the state and federal level.

We hold certifications in Computer Forensics, Applied Decryption, and American Management Association’s System Development Life Cycle process. 

We have Accessdata Certified Examiners (ACE)©, Mac & iOS Certified Forensics Examiners and a PhD-focused expert studying CyberForensics at Purdue Polytechnic.